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Manual Purchases

Service Manuals listed below are offered for sale at $24.95 each, which includes USPS First Class Mail shipping to a stateside address. If you wish the manual to be shipped UPS Next Day Air (stateside) please add $17.50 to the cost. If you wish the manual to be shipped UPS 2nd Day Air (stateside) please add $10 to the cost. You may purchase by: (1) submitting your credit card through our secure server (2) faxing our credit card authorization form to (757) 340-6809 Attn: Internet Sales; or (3) mailing a Money Order, Attn: Internet Sales. We do not accept Manual Sales/Inquiries over the telephone.

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Harman Kardon

Model NumberPrice
230E$24.95 Purchase
330A$24.95 Purchase
330B$24.95 Purchase
330C$24.95 Purchase
430$24.95 Purchase
630$24.95 Purchase
730$24.95 Purchase
800+$24.95 Purchase
900+$24.95 Purchase
930$24.95 Purchase
AP2500$24.95 Purchase
AVI200$24.95 Purchase
AVR15$24.95 Purchase
AVR20$24.95 Purchase
AVR30$24.95 Purchase
CA212$24.95 Purchase
CD101$24.95 Purchase
CD191$24.95 Purchase
CD201$24.95 Purchase
CD291$24.95 Purchase
CD301$24.95 Purchase
CD391$24.95 Purchase
CD401$24.95 Purchase
CD491$24.95 Purchase
CD91$24.95 Purchase
CITATION16$24.95 Purchase
CITATION22$24.95 Purchase
CITATION23$24.95 Purchase
CITATION24$24.95 Purchase
CITATION25$24.95 Purchase
CQ10$24.95 Purchase
DC5300$24.95 Purchase
DC5500$24.95 Purchase
DC5700$24.95 Purchase
EQ7$24.95 Purchase
EQ8$24.95 Purchase
FL8400$24.95 Purchase
HD100$24.95 Purchase
HD200$24.95 Purchase
HD300$24.95 Purchase
HD400$24.95 Purchase
HD500$24.95 Purchase
HD7300$24.95 Purchase
HD7325/HD7225A$24.95 Purchase
HD7400$24.95 Purchase
HD7425$24.95 Purchase
HD7450$24.95 Purchase
HD7500II$24.95 Purchase
HD7525$24.95 Purchase
HD7600$24.95 Purchase
HD7600II$24.95 Purchase
HD7625$24.95 Purchase
HD7725$24.95 Purchase
HD800$24.95 Purchase
HK1000$24.95 Purchase
HK100M$24.95 Purchase
HK1500$24.95 Purchase
HK1680$24.95 Purchase
HK2000$24.95 Purchase
HK200XM$24.95 Purchase
HK2500$24.95 Purchase
HK300XM$24.95 Purchase
HK3300$24.95 Purchase
HK3350$24.95 Purchase
HK3400$24.95 Purchase
HK3450/HK3550$24.95 Purchase
HK3500$24.95 Purchase
HK3600$24.95 Purchase
hk440vxi$24.95 Purchase
HK450$24.95 Purchase
HK550 VXI$24.95 Purchase
HK570I$24.95 Purchase
HK580I$24.95 Purchase
HK590I$24.95 Purchase
HK6100$24.95 Purchase
HK6150$24.95 Purchase
HK620$24.95 Purchase
HK6200$24.95 Purchase
HK6350R$24.95 Purchase
HK6500$24.95 Purchase
HK6600$24.95 Purchase
HK6650R$24.95 Purchase
HK6800$24.95 Purchase
HK690I$24.95 Purchase
HK6950R$24.95 Purchase
HK705$24.95 Purchase
HK710$24.95 Purchase
HK715$24.95 Purchase
HK725$24.95 Purchase
HK740$24.95 Purchase
HK750$24.95 Purchase
HK770$24.95 Purchase
HK775$24.95 Purchase
HK795I$24.95 Purchase
HK870$24.95 Purchase
HK880VXI$24.95 Purchase
HK990VXI$24.95 Purchase
KH350I$24.95 Purchase
PA2100$24.95 Purchase
PA2200$24.95 Purchase
PA2400$24.95 Purchase
PM625$24.95 Purchase
PM640$24.95 Purchase
PM640VXI$24.95 Purchase
PM645$24.95 Purchase
PM645VXI$24.95 Purchase
PM650VXI$24.95 Purchase
PM655/PM655VXI$24.95 Purchase
PM660$24.95 Purchase
PM665/PM665VXI$24.95 Purchase
PT2300$24.95 Purchase
T20$24.95 Purchase
T25$24.95 Purchase
T30C$24.95 Purchase
T35$24.95 Purchase
T40$24.95 Purchase
T45$24.95 Purchase
T55C/T60C$24.95 Purchase
T60$24.95 Purchase
T65C$24.95 Purchase
TD102/TD202$24.95 Purchase
TD192$24.95 Purchase
TD212$24.95 Purchase
TD262$24.95 Purchase
TD302$24.95 Purchase
TD4200$24.95 Purchase
TD4400$24.95 Purchase
TD4600$24.95 Purchase
TD4800$24.95 Purchase
TL8500$24.95 Purchase
TL8600$24.95 Purchase
TU610$24.95 Purchase
TU615$24.95 Purchase
TU905$24.95 Purchase
TU910$24.95 Purchase
TU911$24.95 Purchase
TU912$24.95 Purchase
TU915$24.95 Purchase
TU920$24.95 Purchase
TU9200$24.95 Purchase
TU930$24.95 Purchase
TU9400$24.95 Purchase
TU9600$24.95 Purchase
VCD1000$24.95 Purchase
VCD2000$24.95 Purchase
VCD4000$24.95 Purchase