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Manual Purchases

Service Manuals listed below are offered for sale at $24.95 each, which includes USPS First Class Mail shipping to a stateside address. If you wish the manual to be shipped UPS Next Day Air (stateside) please add $17.50 to the cost. If you wish the manual to be shipped UPS 2nd Day Air (stateside) please add $10 to the cost. You may purchase by: (1) submitting your credit card through our secure server (2) faxing our credit card authorization form to (757) 340-6809 Attn: Internet Sales; or (3) mailing a Money Order, Attn: Internet Sales. We do not accept Manual Sales/Inquiries over the telephone.

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Model NumberPrice
210$24.95 Purchase
5000$24.95 Purchase
5000X$24.95 Purchase
790$24.95 Purchase
9900Z$24.95 Purchase
A-1000$24.95 Purchase
A-1200$24.95 Purchase
A-1500R$24.95 Purchase
A-2000$24.95 Purchase
A-3100$24.95 Purchase
A-700$24.95 Purchase
A-770$24.95 Purchase
A-901$24.95 Purchase
A-E350$24.95 Purchase
A-E750$24.95 Purchase
A-E770$24.95 Purchase
A-M70$24.95 Purchase
AT-700$24.95 Purchase
AT-F1$24.95 Purchase
AU-517$24.95 Purchase
AU-D7$24.95 Purchase
AU-G11X$24.95 Purchase
AU-G55X$24.95 Purchase
AU-G77X$24.95 Purchase
AU-G90X$24.95 Purchase
AU-G99X$24.95 Purchase
AU-X111$24.95 Purchase
AU-X201$24.95 Purchase
AU-X301i$24.95 Purchase
AU-X611AV$24.95 Purchase
AU-X701$24.95 Purchase
AU-X711$24.95 Purchase
AU-X911DG$24.95 Purchase
AV-77$24.95 Purchase
AV-99$24.95 Purchase
AV-C10$24.95 Purchase
B-3000$24.95 Purchase
C-1000$24.95 Purchase
CD-2100$24.95 Purchase
CD-3100M$24.95 Purchase
CD-370$24.95 Purchase
CD-E570$24.95 Purchase
CD-E70$24.95 Purchase
CD-E750$24.95 Purchase
CD-V1000$24.95 Purchase
CD-X111$24.95 Purchase
CD-X211$24.95 Purchase
CD-X301i$24.95 Purchase
CD-X310M$24.95 Purchase
CD-X310MII$24.95 Purchase
CD-X311$24.95 Purchase
CD-X500$24.95 Purchase
CD-X501i$24.95 Purchase
CD-X701$24.95 Purchase
CD-X701i$24.95 Purchase
CD-X711$24.95 Purchase
CD-X901$24.95 Purchase
CP-55W$24.95 Purchase
CP-7$24.95 Purchase
CP-77W$24.95 Purchase
CP-99W$24.95 Purchase
D-1000W$24.95 Purchase
D-1100WR$24.95 Purchase
D-190$24.95 Purchase
D-3000WR$24.95 Purchase
D-300M$24.95 Purchase
D-350W$24.95 Purchase
D-35BF$24.95 Purchase
D-35CF$24.95 Purchase
D-390R$24.95 Purchase
D-505$24.95 Purchase
D-505R$24.95 Purchase
D-550WR$24.95 Purchase
D-65BW$24.95 Purchase
D-65CR$24.95 Purchase
D-69C$24.95 Purchase
D-705$24.95 Purchase
D-70BW$24.95 Purchase
D-70CW$24.95 Purchase
D-750WR$24.95 Purchase
D-75BW$24.95 Purchase
D-9000WR$24.95 Purchase
D-900W$24.95 Purchase
D-905R$24.95 Purchase
D-950WR$24.95 Purchase
D-95WR$24.95 Purchase
D-990R$24.95 Purchase
D-99D$24.95 Purchase
D-E350$24.95 Purchase
D-E750$24.95 Purchase
D-E870$24.95 Purchase
D-M50F$24.95 Purchase
D-M70W$24.95 Purchase
D-W10$24.95 Purchase
D-W11$24.95 Purchase
D-W9$24.95 Purchase
D-X111$24.95 Purchase
D-X111HX$24.95 Purchase
D-X301i$24.95 Purchase
D-X311WR$24.95 Purchase
D-X501$24.95 Purchase
D-X701$24.95 Purchase
DA-E90$24.95 Purchase
DA-E95$24.95 Purchase
DA-P550$24.95 Purchase
DA-P550A$24.95 Purchase
DA-T500$24.95 Purchase
DA-T550$24.95 Purchase
DA-T750$24.95 Purchase
DR-E370$24.95 Purchase
DR-E570$24.95 Purchase
DS-77$24.95 Purchase
FR-D55$24.95 Purchase
G-5700$24.95 Purchase
G-E750$24.95 Purchase
MC-1000$24.95 Purchase
MC-3000$24.95 Purchase
P-1000$24.95 Purchase
P-1100$24.95 Purchase
P-2000$24.95 Purchase
P-710$24.95 Purchase
P-900XVdl$24.95 Purchase
P-D15$24.95 Purchase
P-E350$24.95 Purchase
P-E370$24.95 Purchase
P-E70$24.95 Purchase
P-E75$24.95 Purchase
P-E750$24.95 Purchase
P-L35$24.95 Purchase
P-L41$24.95 Purchase
P-L45$24.95 Purchase
P-L51$24.95 Purchase
P-L75$24.95 Purchase
P-L95R$24.95 Purchase
P-M90$24.95 Purchase
PC-V750$24.95 Purchase
PM-C50$24.95 Purchase
QRX-5500$24.95 Purchase
R-30$24.95 Purchase
R-303$24.95 Purchase
R-505$24.95 Purchase
R-550$24.95 Purchase
R-750AV$24.95 Purchase
RA-1000$24.95 Purchase
RG-700$24.95 Purchase
RS-100$24.95 Purchase
RZ-1000$24.95 Purchase
RZ-3000$24.95 Purchase
RZ-3500$24.95 Purchase
RZ-5000$24.95 Purchase
RZ-5500AV$24.95 Purchase
RZ-7000$24.95 Purchase
RZ-7500AV$24.95 Purchase
S-M7$24.95 Purchase
S-M9$24.95 Purchase
S-U570$24.95 Purchase
S-X1030$24.95 Purchase
S-X1070$24.95 Purchase
S-X1130$24.95 Purchase
S-X1200$24.95 Purchase
S-X700$24.95 Purchase
SC-1100$24.95 Purchase
SC-1300$24.95 Purchase
SE-1000$24.95 Purchase
SE-2000$24.95 Purchase
SE-500$24.95 Purchase
SE-80$24.95 Purchase
SE-88$24.95 Purchase
SE-8X$24.95 Purchase
SE-9$24.95 Purchase
SE-99$24.95 Purchase
SE-M1$24.95 Purchase
SM-X500$24.95 Purchase
SP-100i$24.95 Purchase
SR-535$24.95 Purchase
T-1000$24.95 Purchase
T-1100$24.95 Purchase
T-500$24.95 Purchase
T-707/707L$24.95 Purchase
T-900$24.95 Purchase
T-E50$24.95 Purchase
T-E550$24.95 Purchase
T-E75$24.95 Purchase
T-M50$24.95 Purchase
TA-D2100$24.95 Purchase
TU-D33X$24.95 Purchase
TU-D99AMX$24.95 Purchase
TU-D99X$24.95 Purchase
TU-X111$24.95 Purchase
TU-X301i$24.95 Purchase
TU-X501$24.95 Purchase
TU-X701$24.95 Purchase
VC-G99$24.95 Purchase
VX-99$24.95 Purchase
XL-500$24.95 Purchase
XL-900C$24.95 Purchase
XP-99$24.95 Purchase
XR-Q11$24.95 Purchase
XR-Q5$24.95 Purchase
Z-9000$24.95 Purchase